“Gazelles thrive and win by how they share power with one another. And as a result, they can act fast, fluid, and flexible.”

-Nilofer Merchant,
11 Rules for Creating Value in the Social Era

The 2016 Nielsen Breakthrough Innovation report calls out the need for new CPG innovation models.  Smart companies will look at these data and start adding new pages to their innovation playbooks.  Call Fifty Gazelles to find out how.

Our Next Global Shopping Trip:  Want to Go?

Fifty Gazelles will be building its global partner network and shopping for new product ideas at ANUGA, one of the world’s largest retail and food service trade shows, Oct 10-14 in Cologne, Germany.  Check it out at

Anything we can add to our shopping list for you?  If so, please drop us a line before Saturday morning (Oct 3rd).  We’ll keep our eyes and ears open during the show and share what we find when we get home.

At past shows, we’ve met companies with a wide range of innovative development, manufacturing, and distribution capabilities.  Often they have great new products and are looking for partners who can extend their reach in the US and other markets.

Other companies welcome the opportunity to help US companies build out their global supply chain partnerships.   If you or your teams are going to ANUGA, we’d love to connect für ein Bier oder eine Tasse Kaffee!  We speak German and know the bierhall scene in Köln well enough to be able to add a few new German drinking songs to your repertoire.

Hope to hear from you soon.  Auf Wiedersehen!


25 Innovative Consumer And Retail Brands For 2015 – Forbes

The consumer and retail industries are undergoing a rapid transformation. Innovation, and the young, emerging brands driving it, are rarely celebrated, even when they perform exceptionally well and help to change lives.